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11 Tips to Sleep Like a Baby

We all know that sleep is essential for us to perform at our best, but a mix of late nights, too much electronics, and poor sleep habits can make getting that all-important (but sometimes elusive) 8 hours more difficult than ever.

11. Exercise

A nighttime stroll is an ideal remedy for a mind that is still humming from the events of the day. Remove your headphones, walk at your speed, and take in the sights and sounds as your brain transitions from active to neutral through the soft tread of your feet.

10. Get a routine

We practically don’t think about it when we take the same route every day. The same principle applies to bedtime: our mind will learn that these repeated activities signify sleep, no matter how simple or sophisticated our routine is (perhaps you require the pillows to be facing a certain way before turning off the lights).

9. Decide on the best sleeping position

If you sleep on your side, try to sleep on your left side rather than your right — it will help with digestion and blood flow.

Because gravity pulls your tongue to the back of your throat when you sleep on your back, you may experience snoring issues. People who suffer from sleep apnea should avoid using it.

Stomach sleeping is not a good idea and is often considered the worst sleeping posture. It flattens the spine’s natural curve, which can cause lower back pain. Your neck is also strained if you sleep with your head twisted to one side all night. If this is your favoured sleeping position, try gradually training your body to sleep on one side with pillows.

8. Become a productivity guru in your own right.

Not everyone has the financial means to hire their personal performance coach. However, we can all profit from their attitude to success if we use this technique. Before going tonight, make a list of your top three priorities for the next day. Even if you know you have at least 15 activities on your to-do list, focusing your mind the night before can grant you fast entry into the productivity zone the next morning.

7. Meditate

Right now, mindful meditation is having a moment, but if you’re not sure where to start, here’s a simple beginner’s guide to get you started:

  • Inhale slowly and deeply with your nose, then exhale slowly and deeply through your mouth.
  • Various thoughts will appear to greet you; acknowledge them and then dismiss them.
  • From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, be aware of each area of your body in turn, tensing and relaxing each one until you feel entirely at rest.

6. Read

When you hear the word “success,” who comes to mind? Who is Bill Gates? Isn’t that Ariana Huffington? Okay, so your life may be more modestly ambitious than theirs (or it may not, who knows? ), but one thing these people have in common, aside from the dizzying heights of professional accomplishment, is that they read before bed. The mental effort required to transfer our focus from daily problems to character concerns is a significant component of switching off.

5. Unplug and unwind

We’re all guilty of checking our social media accounts and emails before going to bed, but trust us when we say it’s a bad habit. The artificial light we are exposed to affects the chemicals in our brain that encourage sleep, so be firm with yourself and enforce a “no screen time before bed” rule – you’ll thank us when you achieve your goals day after day.

4. Use affirmations

You might think it’s ridiculous at first, but repeating a positive mantra in front of the mirror, whether it’s I let go of today’s anxieties and trust that tomorrow will bring success and joy or You are a neat guy*, can be a powerful means of subconsciously affecting your thoughts while you sleep.

*Notice the Friends allusion.

3. Make sure you’re ready for the morning routine.

Even if you follow the above instructions rigorously and enjoy the best night’s sleep of your life, it will be for naught if you are still frantically searching for a clean shirt or your car keys in the morning. Prepare everything the night before, so you can spring out of bed with glee, knowing you only have to eat, shower, and go!

2. Apply consistency

Late nights are a no-no if you want to achieve your goals. Going to bed after midnight has been connected to recurrent negative thought patterns, therefore they’re a no-no if you want to achieve your goals.

1. Put your concerns to rest.

During the course of a day, we accumulate hundreds (if not thousands) of thoughts: anxieties and accomplishments, big and small, life-changing and unimportant. Journaling about your day’s struggles and highlights is not only soothing, but it also helps to open up space for even bigger and better ideas the next day.

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