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4 simple tips help drivers save thousands of pounds on tires

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However, few drivers realise that tires can last for up to five years if motorists make a few changes to the way they drive.

According to Ike Honda, one of the best ways to prolong the life of tires is to regularly check their pressures.

Running a car on underinflated tires will increase friction with the road, causing the tires to overheat and increasing the risk of a blowout which may lead to an accident.

Drivers are advised to check their tires before every long journey by using an accurate gauge and, if necessary, inflate them to the levels specified in the vehicle’s handbook or on a sticker, often located on a front door frame.

Ike Honda also highlighted that, on many vehicles, tires often wear out at different rates, often depending on which wheels are used to drive the car.

As a result, by regularly swapping the front and rear tires, motorists can help to make tire wear more even.

Experts recommend that the best results can be achieved if this is done every 5,000 to 8,000 miles.

Consumer Reports also advised drivers to avoid harsh acceleration which may cause wheelspin.

Whilst hearing the car squeal as a driver sets off can be tempting, this also causes high levels of friction with the road, wearing out the tread on the tires.

The organisation also noted that drivers should always steer clear of potholes and other bumps in the road which could cause punctures or issues with the vehicle’s tracking.

However, motorists act when behind the wheel, it is important that they never drive on worn-out or bald tires.

Not only do they give the car less grip, increasing the likelihood of skidding, but they can also land drivers a hefty fine.

While police officers are unlikely to spot bald tires on a moving vehicle, they can issue a fine if they cause reckless driving.
Four ways to make your tires last longer

Regularly check tire pressures
Regularly swapping the front and rear tires
Avoid harsh acceleration
Steer clear of potholes and other bumps in the road


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