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5 ‘big ticket’ property features that buyers are willing to pay more money for

The UK’s property market is rapidly cooling down with many homeowners now struggling to sell their homes at their desired asking price...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

With this in mind, it’s important homeowners know exactly how to maximise their property’s value.

In fact, research has revealed that nine in 10 are willing to pay over the asking price on a new home if it has certain features.

New research from premium window and door designer, The Residence Collection, has revealed what British homebuyers are really looking for when they’re househunting and what specific features they would pay more for.

Their survey of 1,000 Britons in June found that 93 percent are willing to pay over a home’s asking price for additional features they deem valuable, with the average cost they are willing to pay being almost £10,000 (£9,956).

With housing demand also dropping by a massive 18 percent in just two months due to higher mortgage rates, it’s critical to make homes as attractive to potential buyers as possible.

So what are buyers looking for? The five most important home features that must be included for buyers to consider paying over the asking price on a property are:

Double or triple-glazed windows (34 percent)
Good neighbourhood (33 percent)
New kitchen fittings (31 percent)
New boiler (30 percent)
Solar panels (29 percent)

Surprisingly, homeowners should not be investing in home offices as this was named the least desirable home feature (only 15 percent would pay extra for this) among respondents. This was followed by a new roof (21 percent) and good security measures (23 percent).

The survey also revealed some differences between male and female respondents. British men were prepared to pay more for a home with additional features than women.

Men were willing to pay a whopping £11,183 more which is 30 percent more than the average total for British women (£8,553).

Commenting on the research, Jo Trotman, marketing manager of The Residence Collection, said: “With the fluctuating interest rates, it seems that home buyers are being increasingly considerate about what additional features they would like and need in a new home.

“The survey confirms that bigger ticket home improvements and energy efficiency measures are at the top of homebuyers’ agendas when searching for their dream home, ultimately, boosting the people’s home values when it comes to selling.

“Double and triple glazed windows have been standout in our survey results and are incredibly important in the function of any home.

“Not only can high-quality windows keep the cost of your energy bills lower due to the deterrent of drafts and water infiltration but can also reduce hot air entering the home during the summer months too, making it the ideal home improvement to consider when buying and selling a home.”

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