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50% of Nigerians seeking asylum in Belgium from Edo, Lagos



The Director General of the Immigration Office of Belgium, Mr Freddy Roosemont, on Wednesday, disclosed that approximately 30 per cent of Nigerian migrants seeking asylum in the country are from Edo State.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Roosemont made this known in Benin City during a press conference organised by the Immigration Office of the Kingdom of Belgium.

He stated that no fewer than 20 per cent of asylum seekers in the European country are from Lagos State, expressing concern over the development.

Roosemont maintained that the development tarnishes the image of Nigeria and those involved.

“We have noticed that more and more Nigerians are seeking asylum in Belgium. In 2022, about 370 Nigerians sought asylum, while in 2023, about 360 also requested asylum,” Roosemont said.

“Thirty per cent are from Edo, 20 per cent from Lagos, while the remaining 50 per cent are from other states in Nigeria,” he added.

Roosemont further urged Nigerians against falling victim to human traffickers with false promises of employment in Belgium, stating that the Belgian job market is already saturated.

He assured that the Belgian government supports legal migration and mentioned that about 5,000 Nigerians are living legally in the country..…CONTINUE FULL READING>>> 

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