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7 Best Intimate Care Tips For Women For Good Vaginal Health

Unlike other areas of our body, our lips are devoid of oil glands. They are therefore quite prone to drying out. Chapped lips result from the lack of moisture, which spreads the dryness to the lower parts of the lips. In addition to environmental changes, other factors that might cause dry lips include frequent licking, eating hot meals, consuming chemicals in cosmetic products, vitamin deficiencies, and certain medical problems.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Let us check out the 7 best natural remedies to treat dry and chapped lips.

Natural Ingredients To Treat Dry And Chapped Lips 

1. Virgin Coconut Oil 

The moisturising properties of coconut oil’s vital fatty lipids prevent water loss and cracking of the skin. It implies that the oil contributes to the lips’ moisture. Additionally, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities combined with vitamins and minerals provide your skin the strength to fend against bacterial infections.

2. Aloe Vera Gel 

Aloe vera gel is widely recognised for its calming qualities, which is why it’s suggested for treating common dental issues like canker sores, etc. In the meanwhile, the gel’s abundance of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities make it a useful treatment for preventing chapped lips. Aloe vera gel’s enzymes have some light exfoliating qualities as well. Applying the gel helps moisturise your parched lips while assisting in the removal of dead cell buildup.

3. Honey 

Honey can help hydrate your lips and prevent infections from spreading to damaged lips. Moreover, it acts as a light exfoliant to assist get rid of dry and dead skin from your lips.

4. Avocado Butter 

A review of studies indicates that avocado butter thickens and emollients lip balms well. The skin absorbs it easily and it doesn’t feel oily. It also has a number of antioxidants and fatty acids, including linoleic and oleic acid, that are recognised to be good for the skin.

5. Olive Oil

Around the globe, olive oil has long been used as a skincare remedy. According to research, olive oil possesses qualities that help the skin recover, including lowering oxidative stress (an antioxidant), reducing inflammation (an anti-inflammatory), and promoting skin regeneration.

6. Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa Butter is found in the cocoa beans. In addition to the delicious chocolate that we all like, cocoa beans provide butter that is high in fat and has a creamy, smooth texture. When our lips are dry and chapped, it helps them mend by moisturising them and providing them with strong nourishment.

7. Green Tea 

Green tea has a high concentration of polyphenols, which are organic anti-inflammatory substances, in addition to having a strong antioxidant profile. Green tea can reduce discomfort and irritation but won’t stop or cure chapped lips. Just put an unflavored green tea bag in some warm water, then dab it on your lips.

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