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True Life Story: My Husband’s Package Is Not Average Size So How Do I Manage This?

This may sound like unreal to many but its the reality of things. I am married, and marriage pushing to nine months now but unfortunately, my husband has decided to call our marriage quits. Unbelievable right? But that is the truth. When people hear the reason for the divorce, they laugh and think its unbelievable. Some even advise me to behave myself, that I am responsible for my husband seeking a divorce. My husband and I  dated for almost two years, he said no s3x before marriage because he is born again Christian and I was very happy, I never met a guy who was as respectable as this guy.

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Anyway, while we dated, he used to tease me, saying when we get married, that he can’t wait to make love to me. That he has been waiting for this for so many months. What my husband failed to tell me was the reason he said no s3x before marriage was because, in his previous relationships, the ladies broke up with him cos of his organ. He has a massive organ like that of an anaconda. I am not joking, its so huge that you would think something is wrong with it.

On my wedding night, that was the first time I saw it. My God, I almost fainted at the sight of it. But he told me to relax, we used lubricants so much, that the bed was wet but I felt like someone placed a huge rod inside me. I was not a virgin but I bled from lovemaking that night. I could not walk the next day. My husband felt it was a thing of pride that I was feeling pain and could not walk after s3x. The most unbelievable part is, he wanted s3x every day or at least, every two days. I just could not handle it.

Even me, I felt like, he is an odogwu for having such a huge manhood. But as time went on, I discovered that no matter how much lubricant we used, s3x always ended in pain, tears in my vagina and I would basically fall sick after. I had to start avoiding s3x with him. This became an issue of quarrel. That I was denying him s3x. When I complained of his size, he would say do I know how many women wish they had a man with his size?

About three months after marriage, I had denied him s3x for like two weeks, he came back home one day and pounced on me. I would say he actually r@ped me. I collapsed and he had to pour water on me after that. He was very sorry that day but after two days, he said I was faking the fainting I did. I told him I can’t continue like this. So we went to our pastor to complain. The pastor was shocked and said we should go and see a medical doctor for help.

When we got to the doctor, they did alot of test on hubby and found nothing wrong with him, they said its natural “blessing” that he is so endowed. So the doctor advised me to have a surgery to widen my vagina. Of course, I said no way. I have not even given birth and yet you want me to widen my vagina? This caused a serious argument between us. Hubby said I do not love him, because if I did, I would gladly do the surgery. I had to tell my mom and my mom said no, I should not do the surgery.

It was then my sister said I should investigate with his previous ex girlfriends how they coped with his massive gbola. I did some research and found one of the girls. When I asked her about her relationship with hubby, she said initially, she thought it was normal but she found out that her screaming during s3x was not ordinary moaning but she was in pain. She my hubby’s manhood is too huge for any normal woman. She said that was why they broke up. That he was so huge that she would be screaming in pain and pass out after s3x.

This lady told me that he used to want s3x everyday and she ran for her dear life. She also said some women loved it and they used to flock around him but that she was done. With this information, I approached my husband and accused him of deceiving me. he accused his ex of lying. He even showed me their chat when she used to love his package….he got angry and said I was just being irrational, that he is the real deal every woman dreams of. This argument continued everyday. My husband was convinced his package is great and I was the one with small VJ.

so our quarrels continued. I took alot pf pain k#llers after s3x. Hubby used to boast to his friends that he was giving it to me. And his friends would even be jealous of him. The women around him lusted for him. When I moaned in pain, hubby got more erection from it…he would dig until I could no longer scream. I got tired of managing …so, I went back to report again in church. So, they summoned my husband to the church but he refused to turn up. In the process, I found out I was pregnant. But I refused to tell him cos I wanted him to go to the church elders first. This man refused to go and a few weeks ago, he came back home demanding for s3x.

I said no to him, that I am not going to die cos he wants s3x with his dangerous manhood. This man held me again and started forcing himself on me. By this time, I had to mention I was pregnant but he did not believe me. He had his way and behold, the bleeding this time, landed me in hospital. I miscarried the baby. My husband apologized, that he did not know I was pregnant. He promised to be gentle with me but this was beyond any apology. This was horrible. I felt nothing but h@te for my husband. I wanted to die.

After I was discharged, I refused to go back home. I went to stay with my mother. My husband called me to return home or face divorce. His friends and family were calling and telling me to return to go for the surgery, so that we can reconcile. They also called my mom to advise me to go for the surgery. They are saying I am the one that is too small in vagina size, that many women who have wide VJs can handle my husband without complain. That my husband is a good man, that I should not allow him to look outside for another woman.

So, that is where we are now. My mom is now believing what they are saying, that maybe I should consider the surgery for vagina enlargement procedure but am scared. I don’t want such a wide vagina. I am also scared at the rate my husband wants s3x. And he is always violent once I say I am not in the mood. When I told him I cant have sex with him every day, he said I am denying him his right. Can you imagine? What about how I feel? The pain and the bruises?

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My mom says maybe it will be easier when I have the surgery. But my elder sister says a man with such a dangerous manhood is not normal.  There is confusion now in my family. Some, want me to do the surgery but some don’t want me to back to the marriage. Who do listen to? As for me, I am just scared. The man I married used to be kind and loving and godly but this s3x thing has made him seem like a monster to me. I honestly regret agreeing to no s3x before marriage. This would not have happened.

Please advice me…if you were in my shoes, what will you do? Should I do the surgery or let us go our separate ways? Maybe a wider woman will be better for him. I am tired. Please advice me.

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