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7 plants slugs and snails ‘absolutely hate’ that ‘repel’ them quickly from your garden

It can be expensive and heartbreaking for gardeners to spend time and effort growing plants only for them to get destroyed overnight by slugs and snails...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

To avoid this situation happening again, it is best to grow plants that repel them.

Some plants have developed a natural protection against slugs and snails. They can produce bitter substances or poisons that make snails and slugs avoid them, which consequently prevents them from appearing in gardens.

To know which garden plants to grow, gardening experts at Capital Gardens have shared seven plants slugs and snails absolutely hate. They claimed that these plants ensure gardens are “left in peace”.
1. Hydrangeas

If gardeners have the goal of getting rid of these troublesome pests, but they also pay attention to aesthetics, hydrangeas are the perfect solution.

There aren’t many plants that will not only ward off slugs and snail but also improve the look of gardens as much as hydrangeas. Hydrangeas create a “beautiful barrier against slimy pests” as they are “not a welcome sight” for slugs and snails.
2. Lavender

Lavender not only looks and smells great but also works perfectly as “snails and slugs repellent”. The experts claimed that slugs and snails “will be turned off” by the “strong fragrance” of this plant.

Strategically placing lavender in the garden could help protect other plants from slug and snail attacks, creating a “whiffy barrier” against them.
3. Euphorbias

Euphorbia plants contain a sap that gives a bitter taste that “slugs and snails simply can’t stomach”. The gardening pros guaranteed that these pests will “avoid these plants”.
4. Rosemary

Similarly to lavender, rosemary’s fragrance can be “off-putting” for slugs and snails entering gardens. Despite its fragrance being loved by many, the same can’t be said for slugs and snails. Instead this plant “wards them away from the garden”.
5. Geraniums

Another plant that will “quickly turns the stomachs of slugs and snails” is one that has hairy stems and leaves.

For those looking for a “kind way to dissuade slugs and snails from visiting your beautiful outdoor space”, plant some geraniums.

The experts claimed that the hairy build of geraniums makes it “incredibly uncomfortable” for slugs to travel across and munch on.
6. Ferns

Due to this last being “low-maintenance, incredibly hardy and well down the slug and snail menu”, ferns make for a perfect addition to gardens.

It’s the “thick and difficult-to-chew leaves” of ferns that “put off slug and snail visitors” from having a good munch.
7. Japanese Anemoe

Not only will this plant “deter slugs and snails” from gardens it will also help rid outdoor spaces of weed infestations.

The gardening experts claimed that a Japanese anemone patch is a “great pest-busting solution”.

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