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According to Moghalu, National Chairman Cannot Just Declare Ifeanyi Ubah APC Leader In Anambra, No One Can Do That – Awardnobs



Prominent founding member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and former Managing Director of the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), Chief George Moghalu, has expressed his displeasure with what he sees as an attempt to impose leadership within the APC’s Anambra State chapter. In particular, he took issue with the National Chairman’s decision to choose Ifeanyi Ubah as the APC’s leader in Anambra State.……CONTINUE READING>>>

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Chief Moghalu articulated his belief that the selection of a leader should be a democratic process, where the people have the autonomy to choose their representatives. According to him, true leadership emerges from the grassroots and is not imposed from above. Chief Moghalu emphasized the importance of leaders evolving from the people they represent, indicating a deep-rooted commitment to democratic principles within the party.

The backdrop of this critique is Ifeanyi Ubah’s recent defection to the APC, sparking discussions within the party regarding leadership dynamics in Anambra State.

In Chief Moghalu’s words as seen in The Nation…

“I am very comfortable because I have no reason now to doubt any action since you cannot read anybody’s mind and cannot challenge an action out of intent. Recently Senator Ifeanyi Uba defected to the APC and when he was presented by Senate President to the party hierarchy and the leadership of the party in Anambra was trusted on him. Nobody can do that. But the national chairman declared him the new leader of the party in Anambra.”

“Things are not done that way; nobody can entrust the party leadership to anybody just like that. It is not possible because a leader evolves from among the people. You can elect the chairman, governor, and president, but a leader evolves among the people. It is the people that choose their leader. Leadership is a responsibility and spontaneous reaction from the people. You don’t declare somebody a leader.”

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