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According to Razaq Obe “I am set for a long journey with them until they are all jailed”



In an interview with The Nigerian Tribune, Honorable Razaq Obe—the Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources in Ondo State—discussed the current controversy involving the purportedly counterfeit signature of Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, the state governor.……CONTINUE READING>>>

When he was told that some people in the state are calling for his prosecution, over the outcome of the forensic reports on the forging of the signature of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, Obe said that he is ready to take the battle to any length.

He said, “The people talking about prosecution are insincere; they are part of a powerful group. This will not worry me; let them go ahead if they say they want to prosecute me. I am set for a long journey with them until they are all jailed. If they go ahead and initiate it, I will be waiting for them.”

He said they accused someone of robbery, and the stolen items are still in his possession, and instead of them addressing that issue, they seem more concerned about why they are accusing the person.

Obe alleged his accusers are rational thinkers, and they should be worried about the forgery of the State Chief Executive’s signature by a criminal ring, and if they want to prosecute him, then they should initiate it.

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