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According to Uba Sani, the governor of Kaduna State, children of wealthy Nigerians who are hired by the Central Bank of Nigeria do not wish to work at any of the bank’s branches outside of Abuja, the country’s federal capital.

Uba Sani made this disclosure during an interview with a journalist on TVC News Television. During the interview, Uba Sani said, “every big man that got his child employed in the Central Bank of Nigeria will insist that his son must work at the headquarters.”

“Nobody wants his son to work in Damaturu, Akure, Anambra, or some of these other states, including Sokoto State. They want them to remain in the headquarters. Let us be sincere about these things. Why do we always politicize over the policies of the government that is important.”

“For me, most of the those comments are unnecessary. Those who wants to use this opportunity to attack Bola Tinubu are not being fair or sincere, and they do not have any data about what is happening. They do not have statistics and they do not know how the Central Bank operates.”

It is important to note that Uba Sani made this comment in response to the backlash the plan by Bola Tinubu to relocate some departments of the Central Bank of Nigeria to Lagos State has received in the past few days. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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