Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) says Mercy Johnson wasn’t on boat that killed Junior Pope

Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) says Mercy Johnson wasn’t on boat that killed Junior Pope..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The rumour that Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson was involved in the fatal boat accident that killed numerous members, including Junior Pope, has angered the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

Recall that a boat accident claimed the lives of Junior Pope and several others while they were being transported near a river.

A survivor of the tragic incident, ThankGod Ikoma, mentioned that Mercy Johnson was on the boat when testifying about his escape.

However, the guild made it clear in a letter signed by President Emeka Rollas that Mercy Johnson’s former PA was the person being referred to, not Mercy Johnson.

The false rumour was disseminated by a blogger who was reprimanded by the guild, who blamed drug addiction for it.

The message warned followers not to believe the accusations meant to damage Johnson’s reputation, stressing that the story was a misinterpretation and advising the public to disregard the fake news.

ThankGod Ikoma’s revelation of Mercy Johnson being on the boat with them came a few days after rumours that the actress was a witch.

Actress Angela Okorie constantly dragged Mercy Johnson and stated on social media that Mercy possessed an evil spirit and had snatched the destiny of most of her colleagues.

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