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Adeboye “There Is A Great Prayer You Should Pray; That God Will Not Keep Quiet When You Are Suffering”



According to him, “When you read the passage we read today and we will be continuing from there next week, you will see that what God said to Joshua is evidence that God is saying, “alright Joshua, alright you have strayed, but now you are back.……CONTINUE READING>>>

We can begin to talk again. I can now begin to speak to you as I was speaking to you at the beginning.” You know in the case of Abraham, when Abraham left home in Genesis 12 and did not obey God completely because he took Lot with him, from that moment onwards God didn’t say a word to Abraham.

He went from one problem to another and God kept quiet. There is a great prayer that you should pray: that the Almighty God will not keep quiet when you are suffering, that God will speak to you so that at least you will know when to quickly restitute your ways so you can begin to hear from him again.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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