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Adebusuyi: Government should Enact Policies to reduce climate change effects

Hon. Idowu Adebusuyi has called on Nigerians to take the issue of climate change a serious matter by proffering solutions to the effects it may placed in our society of today , most especially at this hour of which drought and low rainfall is being experienced....Continue The Full Reading.

Applauding the recent world leaders summit ( Cop26) at united Arab Emirates were different heads of state presented their scripts of discourse over the problems and solutions of climate change in our various environment saying if individuals doesn’t take serious this will create an environmental harzard.

He said, drought and reduced rainfall, combined with rising air temperatures, inhibit the country’s hydropower systems, and hinder agricultural production and fishing, reducing food security and negatively impacting health and nutrition.

Hon Adebusuyi, describing the problems as serious one if not taking care of, he highlighted the part at which government should take in proper to help reduce the dangers by providing lights to citizens in other to reduce the number of generators which produces smokes that causes the dangers of reducing rainfalls.

In his discovery, he said, planting trees in our environment will also help abate the dangers of this reduced rainfall , imploring government to come up with policies that will strengthen the effect of tree planting.

Hon. Adebusuyi laid more emphasis on the needs of Nigerians to take tree planting a law and a thing of serious matter that should be compulsory in every environment which he said is the only solution to climate change.

He also in the area of food insecurity, advised Nigerians to be involved in agricultural practices by taking farming a serious job that will help reduced food crisis in the country.

Hon. Adebusuyi who is also an oil and gas business mogul and the vice chairman association of oil marketers Ondo state chapter as well speaks on the panic of petrol buying, urged Nigerians to stop panicking over petrol buying that the issue of fuel scarcity will be resolved soon. Also said the federal government is working seriously to restore the oil refineries in the country.

Hon. Adebusuyi is also a politician and a chieftain of the All progressive congress....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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