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All Educated People In Nigeria Are Illiterates

All Educated People In Nigeria Are Illiterates...Continue The Full Reading.

Controversial cleric, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje, has sparked outrage with his recent comments on Nigeria’s educated population. In a viral video, Odumeje claimed that anyone claiming to be educated in Nigeria is actually illiterate, citing the country’s lack of digital development and modern infrastructure.

He argued that truly educated individuals reside in countries with advanced technology and infrastructure, such as Dubai, where innovation and progress are evident daily. According to Odumeje, being educated means possessing something others do not, implying that Nigeria’s educated elite lack this quality.

Odumeje’s comments have sparked a heated debate, with many criticizing his generalized statement as an insult to Nigeria’s educated population. Others have defended his remarks, seeing them as a call to action for the country to improve its infrastructure and embrace digital progress.

The controversy continues, with many questioning Odumeje’s definition of education and his criticism of Nigeria’s educated elite....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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