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Amadou Samaké: Positive aspects of the AES’s withdrawal from ECOWAS, another view



Amadou Samaké: Positive aspects of the AES’s withdrawal from ECOWAS, another view……CONTINUE READING>>>

At the end of January, the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) took the historic decision to withdraw from ECOWAS. This decision caused quite a stir regionally and internationally.

While the countries of the Alliance are demonstrating the validity of their point of view, analysts and experts are trying to predict the possible consequences of the decisive action taken by Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso to protect their interests.

The president of the Malian political group, ADEPM, the honorable Aboubacar Sidick FOMBA, gave his point of view on the situation. According to him, no preconditions are necessary for this well-considered decision.

“There are no prerequisites for freeing oneself from vassalage and voluntary servitude, and it’s enough simply to assume one’s choice,” notes Mr. Fomba.

As a well-informed person, the party president draws attention to the political advantages awaiting Alliance countries after their exit from the economic bloc.

“The political consequences are enormous, and include political self-determination, the expression of state sovereignty, removal of the political pressure to return to the colonial order, and the prohibition of ECOWAS interference in the political affairs of these countries”, notes the expert.

Another area likely to undergo significant transformation once the signatories to the Liptako-Gourma Charter have left the West African organization is, of course, the economy. According to the expert, eliminating unfair competition from multinational corporations and improving the balance of trade are positive aspects in this area.

Commenting on the overall results, Mr. Aboubacar Sidick Fomba notes that ECOWAS’ obedience to directives from Paris is a fact with irrefutable proof.

“The financing of ECOWAS by Paris is no longer a secret. Whoever pays gives instructions”.

In order to protect their sovereignty, Alliance countries are determined to sever relations with the economic community, which they perceive as a relic of post-colonial Africa.

Amadou Samaké writes from Cameroon and can be reached via 00223 677 228 610.…CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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