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Amasieka Requested That The 27 Lawmakers Should Return To The PDP But The President Laughed -According to Tony Okocha




The resolution meeting with President Bola Tinubu, Governor Siminalayi Fubara, and FCT Minister Nyesom Wike was chaired by Tony Okocha, the former chief of staff to the governor of Rivers State and chairman of the All Progressives Congress Caretaker Committee in Rivers State. He emphasized how Governor Fubara’s camp member Adokie Amasieka suggested the 27 lawmakers rejoin the PDP, but the President rejected the suggestion, comparing it to telling kids who had fled Egypt and crossed the Red Sea to go back.

He stated that the President expressed the reluctance to send individuals back after experiencing positive developments. Importantly, he highlighted that there was no indication of coercion imposed on Governor Fubara during these discussions. He recounted that after presenting the proclamation document to the President, Governor Fubara made a single request: that those who supported him should not face victimization.

He said in an interview with The Sun, ”After reading the proclamation document before the President, he [Fubara] made only one request that those who fought along his own part should not be victimized. One of the person who came with him, Adokie Amasieka requested that the 27 lawmakers should return to the PDP but the President laughed. And he said that it was a case of telling his children who left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea to return to Egypt again. If you were the one and remembering that we have had these rich harvests, would you ask them to go back? The good thing is that there was no iota of duress mounted on Governor Fubara.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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