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Angel Smith opens up on desire to get pregnant next month

Angel Smith opens up on desire to get pregnant next month...Continue The Full Reading.

Reality TV star Angel Smith publicly expresses her desire to conceive a child next month.

Angel Smith specifically aims to have a baby born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Her announcement triggers a wave of reactions from fans and fellowers.

Reality TV star Angel Smith has taken to the X-Platform to share her fervent desire to become pregnant next month.

The announcement, made in a heartfelt statement, has left fans and followers intrigued and eager to know more.

Angel Smith, known for her outspokenness, revealed her longing for motherhood, expressing a desire to welcome a child born under the sign of Aquarius.
Fans react as Angel Smith shares intention to conceive next month
Angel Smith.

In her statement, she conveyed her intention to conceive next month, citing a specific timeframe for the birth of her future bundle of joy.

In her words;

“I want to get pregnant next month so that I can have an Aquarius baby.”

The revelation has sparked curiosity among fans, igniting a flurry of speculation online.
Netizens Reactions…

@Kelebzah4ndsif said; “Gurl you’re supposed to be like 6 week already if you want to have an Aquarius baby.”ù

@Uyaififi01 asked; “You’re pregnant already?.”

@Fj__Ng asked; “Aquarius baby?, A baby for the Greek gods?”

@OluchukwuO10492 said; “I can’t wait abeg.”

@finessephayvour said; “Angel you said you didn’t want to have kids before:”

See below;

See below;

In other news, Popular BBNaija star Soma Anyama has finally spoken out about the swirling rumours surrounding his relationship with Angel Smith, which have been circulating in recent weeks.

Speculation about a potential breakup between Soma and Angel arose after Soma seemingly made alterations to a birthday post he had previously shared for Angel on his Instagram account.

The adjustment involved the removal of the phrase “I love you,” sparking speculation among fans and followers.

Reports further fueled the speculation by suggesting that Angel Smith had been seen in the company of male friends at an event, prompting rumours of a possible rift between the couple.…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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