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Any Evidence Of Arson At The House Have Been Destroyed By That Demolition Yesterday- According to Emmanuel Anene




Experienced attorney Emmanuel Anene is worried about difficulties that may arise in obtaining proof of the arson at the Rivers State House of Assembly after the legislative chambers were recently demolished. Mr. Anene discussed the implications of the demolition on the investigation process in an interview that aired on Channels Television this morning. He specifically brought up the potential for evidence destruction.

Highlighting the absence of arrests and trials in connection with the arson that occurred a few days ago, Anene emphasized the inherent difficulty in finding conclusive evidence to convict the perpetrator due to the subsequent demolition of the House of Assembly.

In his own words as seen on Channels Television this morning…

“Let’s look at it from legal perspective first, there was arson, who was arrested for it? As we speak today, nobody is arrested and nobody is standing trial for that. And now, even the little evidence picked up by the police may have been destroyed by the demolition of the House that happened yesterday.

Now of that place is demolished and you arrests a person and accuse them of orchestrating the arson that took place at the House of Assembly, where is the evidence? They have all been destroyed and that is why we are saying that there is more to this than meets the eye.”

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