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Are you still surprised that the Fulani also emerged with a well-registered Vigilante group – According to Col Labo




Colonel Hassan Stan Labo, a former military officer, asserts that Nigerians think the government isn’t devoted to protecting them against imagined threats, particularly from the Fulani clan. He contends that individuals take issues into their own hands in order to protect themselves and to maintain their cultural heritage because they feel abandoned and vulnerable.

He noted that people are getting nervous after learning that the Fulani group has established an officially recognized vigilante organization and publicly introduced it in front of government security forces.

He mentioned that numerous ordinary Nigerians now suspect that security agencies are involved in these events.

According to his own statement in an interview with The Sun, ”To the ordinary Nigerian with some foresight out there, the emergence of such vigilante groups suggests that we are already on the brink.

Are you still surprised that even the Fulani also emerged with a well-registered Vigilante group? And they had the effrontery to launch it publicly with government security agencies in attendance.

So, the average Nigerian out there believes security agencies are complicit in all of this. Nigerians feel the government does not seem ready to protect them from the Fulani warmongers. Therefore, they also feel highly vulnerable and abandoned compelled to seek self-help over their protection and ancestral patrimony.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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