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As We Were Walking Away, We Heard Them Saying In Hausa, “Mun Kona Baban Dake Cikin Dakin” – According to Survivor




A survivor of the recent attacks in Plateau State’s Mangu Local Government Area described the ordeal they went through at the hands of their Muslim neighbors when armed men set fire to their home during the crisis.

More than thirty persons lost their lives in the attack, and other homes were destroyed by fire.

According to the report by Vanguard, the survivor, Manji Le’an, said that their house was burnt by their Muslim neighbours, and that he and his uncle only managed to escape.

He said that when they were escaping from their burning house, they heard their neighbours saying in Hausa language that they had burnt his uncle inside the house.

He expressed surprise that such a thing could be happening, and added that he is planning to take his uncle to his son.

He said, “When we saw that the house was on fire, we sneaked out through the back door without a pin as the attackers were gathered at the front.

“As we were walking away, we could hear them saying in Hausa language, “mun kona baban dake cikin dakin,” meaning we have burnt Baba inside the house, referring to my uncle. We are still shocked that this could happen and my BP has gone up. We are waiting for the curfew to be lifted, so I can take my uncle to join his son in Jos.”

Speaking further, he narrated how the attack was carried out by Fulani herdsmen, and how their Muslim neighbours participated in it. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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