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Bala Mohammed Reveals What Will Happen If Labour Embarks On Strike - UTWEETS
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Bala Mohammed Reveals What Will Happen If Labour Embarks On Strike

This appeal comes in the wake of labour’s announcement to commence a strike on Monday. The strike is triggered by unresolved disputes over a new minimum wage and recent hikes in electricity tariffs...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Governor Mohammed’s plea was made public after his meeting in Abia State with Governor Alex Otti, Edo’s Governor Godwin Obaseki, and members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Working Committee (NWC).

Addressing the press shortly after the discussions, Mohammed emphasized the detrimental effects the strike could have on Nigeria, particularly at a time when the economy is facing multiple challenges.

The governor expressed his concern that the strike would not only disrupt economic activities but could also lead to deeper financial difficulties for the country, plunging it into extreme hardship.

He highlighted the importance of dialogue and negotiation as tools to avoid the potential economic fallout from such widespread industrial action.

Mohammed urged the labour unions to consider alternative measures and engage in further discussions with the government to find a mutually agreeable resolution to their grievances. He reiterated the importance of maintaining economic stability and safeguarding the livelihoods of millions of Nigerians.

He said ,“I have always looked forward to making sure that workers get the best in terms of welfare, in terms of salaries and wages. But it has to be affordable; something that is within the threshold of affordability by all the sub-national and local governments. Definitely what the Federal Government will be negotiating,” the governor said.

“Some of the state governors will not be able to pay. Even at the moment, the current minimum wage of N30,000, some states are not able to pay. And I know labor leaders are really leaders. They should look at this because the strike may cripple the economy and further cause pain to workers and all of us. So, we are pleading that we should have a combining point where we can look at our affordability.”

While speaking on the infringement of local council autonomy, he said the state could not function without local government.

Other PDP chieftains who were part of the entourage to Otti’s hometown of Isiala-Ngwa Local Government Area include former Deputy Senate leader Abdul Ningi and the acting National Chairperson of PDP Umar Damagum.

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