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Beke ‘I heard It On Radio and I Saw It On TV That 26 Lawmakers From PDP Are Coming Over To the APC’




The chairman of the APC in River State, Emeka Beke (EB), has claimed that he saw and heard on television and radio that twenty-six PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) lawmakers are defecting to the APC (All Progressives Congress).

In a recent interview with Arise News, Emeka Beke said, “I heard it on radio and I saw it on TV (Television) that 26 lawmakers from the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) are coming over to the APC, where I am the state duly elected chairman by the Constitution of our great party.

As I speak to you, no information has passed to me that the 26 lawmakers of the PDP are coming to join our own political party, but up till date, I have not gotten any information on the 26 lawmakers who have come to join the APC.

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