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‘Best way’ to encourage peace lilies to bloom ‘over and over again’ – what to ‘avoid’

Instead they recommended testing the soil with your finger every two to four days. They explained: “When the topmost inch of the potting mix is dry and crumbly, it’s time to water your plant. Give it a good thorough drink, too. Make sure the entire mass of soil gets wet enough that the drainage holes underneath are dripping. Other than sunlight, water is the most important ingredient in getting a peace lily to flower.”...Continue The Full Reading.

This point can be challenging, especially during winter. However, peace lilies like roughly the same thermostat settings as humans. However, the pros noted: “If you want to extend your plant’s window for flowering, warmth will help. Temperatures between 18 to 20 degrees are best for bloom formation, especially at night.”

Temperatures for this houseplant should not exceed 29 degrees, as the experts claimed that this is “too hot” for them and said that even if the room’s average temperature is about right, owners should watch out for localised hot or cold spots.

Humidity isn’t usually a major problem for these houseplants, that being said they are adapted for the jungle, and really dry air “can stress them enough to prevent flowering”. If the peace lily “won’t bloom”, even with lots of light, water, and warmth, it’s worth checking the humidity levels.

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