Bible miraculously survives as fuel tanker catches fire on Accra-Kumasi Highway (Video)

Bible miraculously survives as fuel tanker catches fire on Accra-Kumasi Highway (Video)...Continue The Full Reading.

A Holy Bible emerged unburnt from the wreckage of a fuel tanker that caught fire on the Accra-Kumasi Highway.

Dramatic footage released by the Ghana Fire Service captured the moment when flames engulfed the tanker, yet the sacred scripture remained untouched by the inferno.Also Read: Click The Link, The Full Video Is Here ]

The incident, which occurred recently, saw firefighters from the Suhum Fire Station spring into action under the leadership of STNO II Darwah Prince Ofobi. Their swift response prevented a potential catastrophe as they battled to control the blaze, averting a dangerous explosion that could have wreaked havoc on the busy highway.

“Firefighters from Suhum Fire Station, led by STNO II Darwah Prince Ofobi, averted a potential disaster involving a blazing Man Diesel Fuel Tanker with registration number GS 5343-18.

“Arriving promptly at the scene, the firefighters battled the flames, bringing the situation under control within minutes and extinguishing the fire entirely shortly after. The cause of the fire remains under investigation as no injuries were recorded.

“Despite extensive damage to the tanker’s head and its contents, the quick action of the crew prevented a catastrophic explosion of the tanker truck saving the entire bulk and its contents,” the post read. stated the Eastern Regional Public Relations Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service. Thankfully, no injuries were reported, and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

This miraculous survival of the Bible amidst flames echoes a similar incident in November 2020, when a Bible emerged unscathed from the ashes of the Odawna Market inferno in Accra. Despite the widespread destruction, witnesses marveled at the resilience of the sacred text, which remained intact amidst the ruins.

Reflecting on the significance of these occurrences, bystanders emphasized the profound symbolism of the Bible’s survival. “What happened at the Odawna Market was a massive disaster, but the Bible was able to survive, proving the power of the word of God,” remarked a young man, echoing sentiments shared by others present.Also Read: Click The Link, The Full Video Is Here ]

As investigations into the cause of the fuel tanker fire continue, the enduring image of the unscathed Bible amidst the wreckage stands as a testament to the enduring power of belief.…Continue Full Reading.>’.

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