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BREAKING: “I might end up poisoning him with the way I feel” Igbo woman reveals how the attack on Igbos is affecting her marriage to a Yoruba man



An igbo woman married to a Yoruba man has shown how much the “attack on Igbos” in Lagos is affecting her marriage.

During the governorship election in Lagos, several Igbo people and also people from other tribes who “look Igbo” were allegedly attacked by thugs and were prevented from voting.…CONTINUE.YOUR.READING

After the election, the alleged attacks continued on Igbos living in Abule-Ado and Abule Osun in Ojo, Lagos state.

When a Twitter user wrote about the continued attacks, an Igbo woman revealed that the incident made her speak to her Yoruba husband in a harsh manner and they both cried.

A Twitter user then told her to “divorce him.”

The wife replied, “I will cos i might end up poisoning him with the way i feel.”.…CONTINUE.YOUR.READING

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