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BREAKING NEWS: 5 Things Tinubu must do to achieve ‘Renewed Hope agenda’ – Primate Ayodele

BREAKING NEWS: 5 Things Tinubu must do to achieve ‘Renewed Hope agenda’ – Primate Ayodele...Continue The Full Reading.

Founder and spiritual head of the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church in Lagos, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, has listed five things President Bola Tinubu must do to achieve the Renewed Hope agenda.

Before the 2023 general election, Tinubu campaigned on the ‘Renewed Hope’ mantra.

He promised to prioritise job creation, provide access to capital for small and large businesses, promote inclusiveness, uphold the rule of law, and combat hunger, poverty and corruption.

However, the country faced hardships such as increased fuel and food prices, along with other challenges that affected Nigerians.

In a video shared on his official X (formerly Twitter) page, Primate Ayodele emphasized the need for President Tinubu to address the issues troubling citizens and fulfil his campaign promises.

He identified five key areas Tinubu should focus on: security, economy, energy, workers’ welfare, and restructuring.

Ayodele stated:

“If President Tinubu does not work on these five important areas, it will be causing pandemonium in his government. The first area Tinubu’s government needs to work on is security. Number two, economy; number three, energy; number four, workers’ welfare. Then, number five, the issue of restructuring.

“These five areas, if they don’t put all of these into consideration, the government will be galloping, will be fluctuating. That is what The Lord Almighty said.

“They might not want to listen to this, but these are the facts, the important facts.”...Continue The Full Reading.>’.

Watch the video below;

Primate Ayodele gives spiritual insight on things that would improve the economy of the country #economy #AlJazeera #USDT #MiamiGP #Israel #RafahUnderAttack‌ #rafah

— Primate Elijah Ayodele (@primate_ayodele) May 6, 2024

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