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Breaking News : Fake Pastors under heavy attack As No 1 Seer in Africa Prophetess Mummy favour David go after them

The erudite Cleric Prophetess Mummy favour David shared in her official Facebook handle in her speech portrayed position in society does not matter if you fail to experience a spiritual director for your life amongst scriptures referred....CONTINUE.YOUR.READING>>

Proverbs 23:7 KJV and 2 Samuel 13 vs 1-5
For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

The controversial Prophetess mummy favour David expressively and explicitly defined who is a director? some one who understands your pains , worries and what you passing through and possibly offers solution to it .

The greatest No 1 Female seer in Africa an indifatigable servant of God emphatically directed her followers on the tenacious importance to be committed to a spiritual director , who can spiritually direct your path to fullfiling your destiny God have in stock for you.

The controversial Priest went further to digest the functions of a spiritual director which portraying a voice admonishes , God using that voice to direct your path to success
Therefore, think deeply who should be your spiritual director from today.
many have fallen victims of wrong choice of spiritual director.

Many pastors have also mislead there followers due to inconsequentialities and ambiguities surrounding there domain. It’s imperative to examine the life of your pastor . Take time to watch the timeline of your pastor and family way of life, that way an advocate of truth and divine revelation will take you to a proper spiritual director.

Make wise choice from today as you rigorously exploring who should be your spiritual director and God will direct your path as you chose wisely from today in Jesus mighty name: Amen

The shepherd , Mummy Favour David popularly known for destroying demonic yokes and afflictions.

The Seasonal prophetess , founder God’s own Ministry & Worship Center with headquarter located in Iguruta, Portharcourt Nigeria. have backed unlimited grace to unfailing proof, undoubtedly corrosive , high commitment to kingdom matters. She is a philanthropist The seasonal Shepard Mummy favour David in her generosity helped lots of people in her kindness with distribution both to orphanages

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