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BREAKING NEWS: Finally Niger Coup Leaders Ready To Release Ousted President, His Next Plan Unsettles Them

The junta in Niger Republic finds itself grappling with a critical decision to the release of ousted President Mohamed Bazoum and his wife, Khadija.

Reports from multiple credible sources confirm the junta’s plans to release Bazoum before or during the early days of Ramadan, despite significant internal dilemmas.

“The biggest dilemma lies in Bazoum’s insistence on remaining in Niger,” shared an anonymous source, reflecting concerns within the military echelon. Bazoum’s stance, backed by French President Emmanuel Macron and Nigeria’s ECOWAS leader Bola Tinubu, exacerbates tensions between the junta and international figures.

“The coup leaders are determined to proceed autonomously,” emphasized another source, underlining the junta’s independent stance amid mounting pressures. The plan to release Bazoum, though internally driven, remains fraught with challenges, notably the fear of protests demanding his full freedom.

The tension surrounding Bazoum’s release underscores the fragile political landscape in Niger, with potential dissent brewing within the ruling military junta. The looming decision poses profound implications, both domestically and internationally, underscoring the complexities of political transitions in the Sahel region.

As Niger navigates these tumultuous waters, the region’s stability hangs in the balance, while international stakeholders closely monitor unfolding events.

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