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BREAKING NEWS! Hamas Terrorists Finally Surrender, Crawl Out Of Their Tunnels After Israel Flooded Them With Seawater




Israeli military has registered gains after resorting to the use of seawater in its war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Yesterday, Hamas terrorists in their numbers crawled out of their tunnels after Israeli soldiers flooded the tunnel network with seawater.

Dr Eli David, an Israeli supporter, alongside others shared photos showing the terrorists being paraded unclad.

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Recall that on Wednesday, AF Post’s report said Israel had set up pumps to flood Hamas’ underground tunnel network with seawater after finding out they use the tunnels as hideout.

The publication noted that the move would contaminate Gaza’s entire water supply, making it undrinkable.

In the video, a Hamas terrorist could be seen trying to swim through the flooded tunnel.

Meanwhile, the renewed fighting between Israel and Hamas entered the eight day on Friday (Dec 8) with the Israeli military carrying out deadly bombardments in the Gaza Strip.

The World Health Organization’s executive board is set to hold a rare emergency session on Dec 10 to discuss the health crisis in Gaza and the West Bank...._CONTINUE.FULL.READING._UWT>>

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