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BREAKING NEWS: Head of State Sani Abacha didn’t loot any penny, best President Nigeria ever had – Buba Galadima

Buba Galadima had said Abacha was the best president Nigeria had, and he never looted any penny.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Galadima, in an interview with “Untold Stories,” made this known, saying Abacha was a Nigerian politician who was National Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change.

“I have severally answered this question. ‘For me, Abacha was the best President that Nigeria ever had because he held this country like this. And Abacha built the Federal Secretariat, National Assembly, and several others,’” Galadima said.

Galadima said Abacha did well in infrastructure projects, noting that throughout his 4 years plus, the rate of the dollar to the naira was #84, and fuel prices never changed.

“Throughout Abacha’s 4 years plus, the dollar was #84, fuel never changed, you can plan for your business. Which of these leaders can beat his chest to say the dollar remains the same for six months?”

When asked about Abacha’s looting, Buba Galadima said Abacha didn’t loot any penny. The interviewer asked if he stored money abroad then.

In his response to that, he said, “I was part of the government, and I knew how much I left in the coffers of the government, which was wiped out in 2 months after Abacha’s regime.”

He further explains why there are several money returned from different countries claiming to be looted funds of Abacha.

“The so-called Abacha loot, Abacha was advised by Sandmusan, because he was a veteran of sanctions by the West. Whatever you will do since they are putting sanctions on you, establish dummy companies around the world not linked to you, gather as much money that you can that can serve your country’s import for at least 6 months, and those are the money that are deposited in the whole country of the world.

“The money was never recorded in Abacha’s name,” he said.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>

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