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BREAKING NEWS: Heartbreaking Video Of Palestinian Kids Learning How To Kill Israelis Trends




A heartbreaking video showing some Palestinian children learning how to attack and kill Israelis with knives has been shared by Dr Eli David, an Israeli reporter, who noted: “How can you make peace when they are taught to kill Jews from kindergarten”.

In the video, the Palestinian children between the ages of 7-10 could be seen practicing how to stab a group of Jewish people to death and flee the scene.

Reacting, someone said: “The entire population must be transferred out. Kahane was right. They Must Go.”

An analyst, Greg Whitelock said: ” Congress needs to put this on the big screen next time the refugee issue is brought up.”

Watch The Heartbreaking Video Below

Meanwhile, it had been discovered as indicated in a video shared by Benny Johnson, a media personality in the United States, that schools in Palestine have been teaching young children in the country to hate Israelis on the grounds that they are the enemies who killed their people and took their land.

In the video, the young students made confessions to this, with many of them vowing to fight for ISIS when they grow up..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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