BREAKING NEWS: Jorginho’s mother breaks down in tears after spotting her son’s shirt in Arsenal dressing room


Jorginho’s mother was overcome with emotion after seeing her son’s shirt in the Arsenal dressing room – and the story behind their relationship explains why.

The 31-year-old midfielder grew up with his parents in the port of Imbituba, a coastal town in southern Brazil.

And it was here where a young Jorginho would hone his skills while his mother, Maria Tereza Freitas, spent the majority of her day working as a cleaner to put food on the table and earn enough money to buy her son the equipment he needed to succeed.…CONTINUE READING

In fact, whenever she found time, Maria would practice for hours with her son on the beaches of Brazil to improve his technical skills.

In a recent interview with The Nation, Jorginho opened up about their special relationship.

“My mum is my big inspiration,” he said. “She did everything to ensure that I would become the best I could be. She always tried to do her best to educate me and my sister, teach us to be good people in the future, and not just look out for ourselves.”

When speaking about her influence growing up, the former Chelsea midfielder says she still plays football three times a week after helping him train as a kid.

“She absolutely loves football and we always talk about it,” he said. “She is always on the phone with me talking about the game, commenting on the games, on everything I’ve done.

“Whenever we speak she tells me about what she thought of my performances. She normally tells me off when she thinks of something that I didn’t do very well. I don’t get many compliments from her, to be honest! She is a tough coach for me.”

The soon-to-be Italy international would go on to make his professional debut for Hellas Verona after progressing through their academy, before spells at Napoli, Chelsea and most recently Arsenal followed.

He joined the Gunners in January for a deal worth around £12 million, according to reports.

And since, the experienced midfielder has helped Mikel Arteta’s side retain their place at the top of the Premier League ladder, making five appearances in total.

Earlier this week, Jorginho’s mother made the journey from Brazil to North London to visit her son and during her trip, she was introduced to the Arsenal dressing room.

As you can see from the footage above, Maria broke down in tears when she spotted the number 20 shirt.

Jorginho explained in the interview with The Nation how if it wasn’t for his parents’ support, he might never have made it as a professional.

“She lives in Brazil, but we are still very, very close. We are in contact all the time and she visits whenever she can to see me and the kids.

“She’s really looking forward to coming to watch me at the Emirates, she can’t wait actually. I don’t know what game it will be yet but it will be very soon for sure.

“When you see your family proud of you, their adrenaline, the passion you have for what you do is what you dream of. It’s what I dreamed of when I was a child.”.…CONTINUE READING

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