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BREAKING NEWS: ‘My girlfriend has had some tough weeks’, Havertz opens up on personal struggles during poor form



Kai Havertz opened up on the emotional toll having to go through a difficult time at Chelsea over the last few weeks and months has had on his family and his girlfriend.…CONTINUE READING

“Football is our life,” said Havertz. “If you lose a game, of course you don’t have an easy life. I think everyone at home, especially my girlfriend, has had some tough weeks as well the last weeks and months.”

“I think she is happy now again and so am I. If you have a bad day at work… you… I won’t say the word now but you don’t feel good.

“Football is a game where we have a lot of pressure on our shoulders. We want to make the fans happy and if you don’t make them happy then you don’t have a good time.

“Winning is always the best, we won again so we can enjoy some days.”.…CONTINUE READING

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