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BREAKING NEWS: Old tweets of Tems begging to be ‘pounded like cocoyam’ surfaces



Some Twitter users uncovered old tweets by Nigerian singer Tems, in which she made some obscene posts on her page.....PROCEED.FULL.READING>>>

Tems stated in one of the previous tweets that she needs someone to pound her like cocoyam. Tems also stated in another tweet that the rain had gotten her wet and that she needed someone to fulfil her in bed.

These old messages, which date back to 2016, have sparked outrage on social media.

Some X users have digged out some old lewd posts Nigerian singer Tems shared on her X page years ago and this has generated wild reactions.

In the now surfaced tweets, the Grammy-winning singer said she needed someone to pound her like Cocoyam.

Tems added in a separate tweet that she needed someone to satisfy her in bed because the rain had gotten her wet.

On social media, these outdated messages which are from 2016 have provoked numerous criticism from netizens.

Read some reactions below

Iam_prince: “Na cocoyam weak me”.

Oridnaryboy: “She didn’t say she’s a Saint”.

Luvluv_me: “Pound like whaaaaat?”.

Sophieme: “No way, pound you like what?”

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