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BREAKING NEWS: Panic as Protesters Demand Entry into Senators Chambers in Abuja [PHOTO]

Members of organised labour stormed the National Assembly in Abuja on Wednesday, demanding to meet with lawmakers to present their demands....CONTINUE.YOUR.READING>>..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the protesters, carrying placards and chanting slogans, forced open the main gate of the assembly and marched toward the second gate. The security agents opened the second gate to avoid a clash, but the protesters attempted to force their way into the chambers.

The situation led to an altercation as protesters began chanting, “We Must Go In, We Must Go In.”

This publication learnt that the security agents had difficulty controlling the crowd, which vowed to force its way into the building.

The situation reportedly returned to normalcy when the labour leaders prevailed on the crowd to push back. The Deputy Leader of the Senate, Ali Ndume, is about to address the protesters.

The protesters are demanding an increase in the minimum wage and better working conditions following the increase in fuel prices....CONTINUE.YOUR.READING>>

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