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BREAKING NEWS: RCCG Suspends Pastor Iluyomade Over Wigwe Controversy - UTWEETS

BREAKING NEWS: RCCG Suspends Pastor Iluyomade Over Wigwe Controversy

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has announced the suspension of Pastor Idowu Iluyomade, Senior Pastor of the City of David parish...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

A senior church official stated that the suspension is in response to public backlash following the extravagant birthday celebration for Pastor Iluyomade’s wife, Siji, which took place shortly after the tragic death of former Access Bank CEO Herbert Wigwe in a helicopter crash.

Pastor Iluyomade, who also heads the Apapa Family of the RCCG, has been suspended for three months by the church’s Governing Council. Also, a panel has been established to investigate various allegations against him and the City of David parish.

Pastor Iluyomade has been reportedly replaced by Pastor Charles Kpandei from RCCG Resurrection Parish of Region 11, who began his duties at the City of David on Sunday, June 2.

According to sources, Kpandei received a lukewarm reception from the parishioners.

Sources within the church further revealed that RCCG officials had to privately inform influential members of the parish about Iluyomade’s removal to secure their support, given his significant influence.

The church is uncertain whether Pastor Iluyomade will return to his position after the suspension, with some suggesting that this might be a permanent move ahead of the church’s upcoming convention.

It wasn’t Pastor Adeboye who suspended him; it was the governing council’s decision,” a high-ranking pastor commented.

“This is seen by many as a necessary step, albeit delayed, to address the concerns raised by the congregation and the public,” he added.

Known affectionately as PID, Pastor Iluyomade has faced criticism following the 60th birthday celebration of his wife, which many viewed as insensitive given its timing just a week after Wigwe’s death…Also Read: CLICK THE LINK, THE FULL VIDEO IS HERE ]

Wigwe had been a significant benefactor to the church, and the celebration was perceived as a lack of respect and emotional sensitivity.…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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