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BREAKING NEWS: Sidechick Killed As Housewife Raced From All Night Prayers To Confront Cheating Husband, Mistress



The village of Gweru’s Mkoba in Zimbabwe was shattered by a tragic incident on Saturday night, February 10, 2024, as a 34-year-old woman was arrested for the fatal stabbing of her husband’s girlfriend.……CONTINUE READING>>>

The shocking event has sent shockwaves through the local community, leaving residents reeling from the unexpected violence.

The suspect, identified as Stacy Thokozani Mkhandla, was attending an all-night church prayer when she received a distressing tip-off from concerned neighbors. Rushing back home, Mkhandla discovered her worst fears realized as she found her husband, Tafadzwa Munyoro, in a compromising situation with another woman, Brightness Nancy Phiri, on the couple’s matrimonial bed.

According to Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, Mkhandla confronted the illicit pair and attempted to intervene. However, her efforts were met with resistance, prompting a desperate struggle. In the heat of the moment, Mkhandla seized a kitchen knife in an attempt to deter her husband’s girlfriend. Despite Tafadzwa’s intervention to disarm her, Mkhandla managed to retrieve another knife from the kitchen and unleashed a flurry of fatal stabbings upon Phiri.

in a desperate bid to escape the onslaught, Phiri fled the scene, but tragically succumbed to her injuries shortly thereafter, collapsing on the street outside the house.

The deceased Brightness Nancy Phiri Upon arrival, law enforcement officers swiftly took control of the situation, apprehending Mkhandla at the scene. Phiri’s lifeless body was transported to Gweru Provincial Hospital for further examination, while Mkhandla was placed in police custody pending further investigation.…CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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