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BREAKING NEWS: Three Person’s reportedly killed in deadly Ekiti bank robbery



Three people were reportedly killed in a commando-style armed robbery attack in Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, on Wednesday when a group of about 20 robbers stormed the town.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Before hitting the two commercial banks, the dare-devil robbers launched an attack on the Amotekun Corps headquarters to immobilise the local security outfit, where some of the operatives were shot.

The raid on the banks, which took place around 5:15 p.m., appeared meticulously planned and executed.

These daring criminals breached the security doors of Wema and Access banks using dynamite, causing havoc not only within the banks but also among parked cars nearby.

The loud blast echoed through the town, signifying the start of a distressing chain of events.

During the approximately 45-minute rampage, three individuals lost their lives, and several others suffered injuries of varying degrees.

The robbers operated with terrifying efficiency, splitting into two groups to ransack the banks and reportedly escaping with a substantial, unspecified sum of money.

The whole ordeal left the community in shock, especially considering the presence of military checkpoints and a police area command in the area.

Adejimi Alagbado, the Ogoga of Ikere Ekiti, expressed deep dismay over the incident, stressing the urgency for the authorities to swiftly arrest and bring the perpetrators to justice.

He said, “It is an unfortunate incident that we do not expect to happen. The attacks were on two commercial banks. I have called the Area Commander, DPO and DSS and they have all assured the soldiers around the axis have been alerted.”.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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