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BREAKING NEWS: Why My Husband’s Close Friends Accuse Me of Controlling Him – Chizzy Alichi (Video)

Actress Chizzy Alichi-Mbah has tackled people accusing her of controlling her husband.….ALSO.CONTINUE.READING>>>..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

She wondered if they would want him to be controlled by an outsider.

According to her, when it comes to issues, her husband consults and discusses with her and she gives her two cent which may ultimately turn out unfavourable for his friends.

Sharing her thoughts, Chizzy said: “So, I’ve noticed that if you have a happy home, if you listen to your wife, try to do good by your wife, people, especially the guys friends will be like, “Ha! Forget it, it’s that wife that’s controlling him”.

“I don’t understand. So he shouldn’t listen to his wife? Okay, you’ll rather control him and the marriage?

“But when the marriage begins to shake and eventually leads to breakup, you guys will be the first to start saying marriages don’t last this days.

“But families that stay together….most times, we women especially me, I have business-minded. And whenever I tell my husband business ideas, it works for him.

“Of course, you have to discuss with your spouse if you want to venture into a new business.

“And maybe he knows things I like or he gives me money or his friends beg him for money, or he needs to do something with his friends; first of all he’ll discuss it with his wife.

“And when I see the beyond, because I have spiritual eyes. So when I see beyond and I tell him not to venture into it that it’s not a good idea, then they’ll say it’s the wife that’s controlling him, right?

“So, are you the one that should now control him if you don’t want the wife to? Did you put touch and follow or talk and do in your mouth so that anything you say, that’s what he’ll do?

“He should not consult, discuss it with his wife? Right?!”….ALSO.CONTINUE.READING>>>

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