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BREAKING NEWS: Yoruba Lady arrested for faking her death after confessing to sleeping with dogs - UTWEETS
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BREAKING NEWS: Yoruba Lady arrested for faking her death after confessing to sleeping with dogs

Adewodun confessed to engaging in sexual activity with dogs, sparking outrage and a social media frenzy...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The story, however, took a drastic turn when Adewodun seemingly vanished, leading loved ones to believe she may have taken her own life.

Authorities were alerted after a social media post, written by Adewodun’s interviewer, Biola Ayomide, who’s a renowned Nollywood actress, expressed remorse for her actions and hinted at suicide.

A frantic search ensued, but it was soon discovered inconsistencies in the supposed suicide note.

Further investigation, as revealed by Biola, has it that Adewodun had staged her own disappearance.

The actress wrote, “The case of Miss Adewodun, while tragic, is a learning curve for us. She sent a message and was asked to come. We offered to get her therapy and all but she freaked out and in a very devilish and ungodly manner faked her own death.

“After the fake death news, we tried to locate her house to properly express our deepest condolences but it was difficult to even pen a condolence letter, and the presenter and producer Abiola Adebayo were both emotionally and mentally disturbed for days.

“In the course of properly mourning her, we noticed some discrepancies in what her so-called ‘sister’ was telling us and what her friend was saying and because we felt something was amiss. We dispatched the Director of the show on a fact finding mission who spoke with the friend before he traced the hospital where she was supposed to have been treated and we were told there and then that she didn’t die.

“After this discovery, a petition was written by our attorney to the police to complain about the situation,and promptly, the Police investigated and arrested both Nike and her friend. The Police were also set to prosecute, and upon interrogation, Nike, who admitted that she was the one who approached Biola for the interview said she freaked out because people recognised her and said she felt that if she lied that she was dead, Biola would remove the video. Police asked her if she reached out to Biola to remove the video at any point, and she said no.

Her mother, who was there at the station, corroborated the story and said indeed the story she narrated at the interview of abuse was real.” Also The Full Video of The Article Is Here, Just Click For You To Look At

The case of Adenike Adewodun has sparked heated discussions online, with many questioning her actions and mental state…For More, CONTINUE THE FULL READING.:.

SOURCE: pulse.ng

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