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Can you remind me the last time you saw Abba Kyari and Buhari in one picture?-According to Odinkalu



Former NHRC chairman and lawyer Chidi Odinkalu has questioned President Tinubu’s photo-centric chief of staff, Femi Gbajabiamila.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Using examples of Abba Kyari and President Buhari, Professor Gambari, and Jonathan, Odinkalu compared Gbajabiamila’s public persona with the private nature of prior chief of staff and president ties in a conversation with Seun Okinbaloye on Mic On Podcast.

He underlined that the Chief of Staff’s duties are about carrying out the necessary tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the president, not about posing for pictures. He made the suggestion that Gbajabiamila’s emphasis on getting noticed might be taking attention away from the important tasks necessary for efficient governance.

In Odinkalu’s words: “Can you remind me the last time you saw Abba Kyari and Buhari in one picture or when you saw Prof. Gambari and Buhari struggling for who was going to be in what position in one picture? When did you see Mike Oghiadomhe and Jonathan struggling for roles in one picture? When does Gbaja have time to run the presidency because all of these photo ops he is doing are wasting the time that he needs to follow through on the things that will make the presidency work.

The position of the Chief of Staff is not a position for taking pictures. When the president has visitors, Gbaja comes and shows himself What is he looking for”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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