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Cardinal Francis Supports Decision Of Plateau Christians To Carry Weapons And Fight Fulani Terrorists, Calls For Backing




Cardinal Francis Arinze, the highest-ranking African in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, shocked many Nigerians yesterday with his opinion on the recent massacre of 30 Christians in Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State

The Catholic priest swam against the current and said he supports the decision of the Christian Association of Nigeria to arm and defend themselves against Fulani killers in Plateau state.

Cardinal Francis added: “All Christians must support them at this point and provide necessary gadgets for them.”

While some Nigerians have faulted Cardinal Francis’ statement, myriad of others spoke in support.

“Well said, that is the right thing to do before they are completely annahilated and wiped out from the surface of the earth,” a commenter posited.

Another said: “This call is short of patriotism and will encourage barbarism. We should instead appeal to our people to sheath the sword and embrace peace, which is the path of sustenable development.”

Meanwhile, Christians in Plateau State on Thursday expressed the determination to fight terrorists disrupting their peace following the recent killings in Mangu Local Government Area of the state.

The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Mangu LGA, Rev Timothy Daluk went ahead to accuse the Nigerian Military operatives of colluding with the Fulani militia who attacked the community.

Rev Timothy asked the Nigerian soldiers to vacate the community immediately as he is about to call for a meeting with Christian heads to discuss how they will defend themselves.

The CAN chairman alleged that the military is displacing Christians, enforcing curfews solely within Christian areas, and allowing the burning of their homes by militias. CONTINUE READING

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