Carter Efe’s girlfriend opens up on how she reacts to people calling him ugly

Carter Efe’s girlfriend opens up on how she reacts to people calling him ugly...Continue The Full Reading.

Nuella shares her response to criticism of Carter Efe’s look
Carter Efe’s girlfriend defends him against ugly remarks

Nuella, girlfriend of skit maker Carter Efe, speaks out against criticisms of his appearance.

She passionately defends Carter’s attractiveness, expressing hurt at negative comments.

According to Nuella, she even feels anxious and insecure about other women noticing Carter’s looks.

Nuella, the girlfriend of popular skit maker Carter Efe, has opened up on her emotional reaction to disparaging comments regarding her partner’s look.

In an interview, Nuella shed light on her feelings and the impact such remarks have had on their relationship.

Nuella began by vehemently refuting any claims that Carter Efe is unattractive, expressing deep hurt each time she encounters such hurtful comments.
Carter Efe’s girlfriend defends him against ugly remarks
Nuella alongside boyfriend, Carter Efe.

She passionately defended Carter Efe’s looks, emphasizing his undeniable handsomeness and the pride she feels in being his partner.

The interview delved into Nuella’s personal struggles with the public scrutiny surrounding their relationship.

She admitted to feeling anxious and insecure when she sees Carter Efe dressed up for outings, fearing that other women might be drawn to his charm and looks, potentially threatening their relationship.
Netizens Reactions…

iamnasboi wrote: “Lol you’ve actually not seen Carter in person. Very sweet black boy”

omalichawa__ asked: “No be the Carter we dey see so? Abi it’s another Carter she is talking about”

haroldwonder reacted: “He don use spit cover her eyes ”

healthertainer stated: “She didn’t lie. When not in his craze character, he is cute. Let’s not lie na”

softgirlajebo added: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, no be for my eyes Abeg ”

b_unique claimed: “He’s a fine man actually, especially when he smiles. She loves him and that’s all that matters ❤️”

cecilia__remi advised: “See just have money guys If he was a random broke guy on the mainland it’ll be a different talk”

girlajebo added: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,...Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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