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Cesc Fabregas Wants To Coach Premier League Club

Cesc Fabregas Wants To Coach Premier League Club...Continue The Full Reading.

Cesc Fabregas who spent the best part of his playing career in the Premier League said he doesn’t want to serve as an assistant coach even though his only experience in the league as a manager was coaching Arsenal youth teams last summer.

Aside from the youth teams, Fabregas was appointed the Como under-19 head coach in 2023 weeks after he retired from professional football.

He spent a month as the head coach of the Italian club before he was replaced by Osian Roberts on December 20, 2023, because he didn’t have a UEFA Pro coaching license.

Since then, he has been doing punditry and also making efforts to earn his coaching badges.

The 36-year-old retired Spanish midfielder is set to embark on a course that will earn him his UEFA Pro coaching license. This will enable him to coach in top leagues across Europe.

In an interview with Standard Sport, Cesc Fabregas reveals that his target is to be the coach of one of the top clubs in the Premier League.

“You never know how the future will go, but I want to be a main coach. I am doing my own way at the moment”, he said.

“100 percent my ambition one day is to coach a top club in the Premier League, the Champions League.

“But you need to respect the right steps. I feel I am ready to be a first-team coach already so I don’t want to go into these types of little coaching on the side or being an assistant. I have very clear things in my mind that I just want to be a main coach, a first-team coach, and that’s why I will do my own way until I am ready to jump onto a big train.”


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