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Chad confirms death from dengue as cases rise



Chad has confirmed one death from an outbreak of dengue fever with more than 1,342 suspected cases so far, including 41 that have been confirmed,....PROCEED.FULL.READING>>>

These figures are up to the beginning of October – covering the period since the country declared dengue outbreak in August, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Chad’s health ministry is currently responding to the outbreak amid concerns of the disease spreading further because of limited capabilities for surveillance and response.

The Abéché health district, in the south-eastern Ouaddai province, is the epicentre of the current outbreak.

Dengue is transmitted by mosquitoes and often causes mild flu-like symptoms, with no specific treatment. Timely detection and management are vital.

Cases in communities are likely to be under-reported because clinicians often confuse its symptoms with other infections, making early diagnosis challenging, especially in areas with limited testing facilities.

The WHO classes the outbreak as a high national-level risk due to favourable environmental conditions for mosquito spread and an ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region involving influx of refugees from Sudan.

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