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Christian women burst into prayers as fire guts building in Port Harcourt - UTWEETS

Christian women burst into prayers as fire guts building in Port Harcourt

A viral video that has sparked reactions captures some Christian women praying and speaking in tongues to stop a fire from burning down a building in Port Harcourt...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

There was a fire outbreak in a building at Rumuosi area in Port Harcourt.

Christian women burst into prayers as fire guts building in Port Harcourt

Although the cause of the fire isn’t known, some individuals were seen making vain attempts to put off the fire.

A spectacle that caught the sight of passersby was that of two women who were seen engaging in intense prayer to stop the fire from burning down the building.

They were seen just beside the burning building, praying with fervour and calling down heavenly forces to quench the raging fire.

However, this has stirred mixed reactions among netizens who remarked that what they were doing was futile.

Netizens’ reactions …

thegeniusdr_ said: “the ministry of education should remove CRK and IRK from our high school curriculum and replace it with Fire safety and first aid & we need to start teaching our young folks like life needs more of problem-solving skills than religion!”

Zamani_couture_ remarked: “Some Africa mothers has been totally brainwashed by so called Christianity Kai!”

donzenith commented: “Prayer works and also some should also call firefighters meanwhile..”

teensgram_afrika penned: “The level of ignorance religion has created in this country ehhhh.”

official somto1 said: “Omo from today I no dey go church again”

kidsnmore_unique_tokunbo wrote: “Who do Africa this kind thing. The person never tire”

ebutex01 commented: “There is something fundamentally wrong with us as a people……Smh”

prett_ylady33 said: “Don’t act like you didn’t see this comment. I said GOD will provide all your needs for U”

emmanuel_wonders_ wrote: “God forbid me to laugh in Jesus name”.Watch video below.…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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