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Citizens Take Law Into Hands As Suspected goat thief tied to a wooden pole in Cross River community

A man who allegedly stole a goat in Nyanya community in Bekwarra Local Government Area of Cross River state, was subjected to jungle justice by locals..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

It was gathered that the suspect was caught by members of the Nyanya Youths Forums (NYF) and tied to a wooden pole.

Sharing photos of the suspect last night, July 12, 2023, Nigerian journalist, Solomon Ogar, said members of the public should have handed the alleged goat thief to the police instead of taking laws into their hands.

“Because this man stole a Goat somewhere in Bekwarra LGA of Cross River State, South South, Nigeria, the people of his Community had to give him this barbaric treatment,” he wrote.

“People; even if they are thieves shouldn’t be treated like this. We have laws for a reason. We are not animals and should stop behaving like them.

“Being guilty of an offence doesn’t give anybody the right to brutalize/dehumanize you. It is people like the people who tied this man that gave impetus to the barbaric treatment of Nigerians by the military and police.

“My dear people of Nyanya, Bekwarra, if you people joins police tomorrow, you are the type that will start beating suspects because you believe they are “bad people”. This is absolutely wrong. Take the suspected thief to the nearest Police Station.”…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>

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