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Cleaning solution hailed a miracle as it melts ‘stubborn oven grease’ overnight



A cleaning enthusiast has been praised online after sharing a method that works like magic for melting stubborn grease on oven doors overnight.

Cooking in ovens can cause grease to build over time, which in turn becomes baked on and hard to clean if chores aren’t performed regularly.

Commercial products that pack a wide range of harsh chemicals promise to help tackle the grease, but chemical-free solutions do also exist.

Oven cleaning technician from Fantastic Services, Dean Davies, claims: “If you want to clean your oven without harsh chemicals, simply put a heat-resistant container of water inside while it’s still after cooking.”

“Let it sit for 20 minutes, then turn off the oven and allow it to cool completely, then wipe out the inside with a damp cloth.”

He added: “If you’re dealing with extra greasy areas, mix up a homemade degreaser by combining two tablespoons of baking soda with one teaspoon of water.”

Previous conversations on Mrs. Hinch’s Facebook page have also seen white vinegar and baking powder come highly recommended for fighting oven grease.

The vinegar foams with the baking soda, creating a paste that can be rubbed onto problematic surfaces and removed after several hours.

It comes as several members of the popular Facebook group recently discussed the products available for cleaning ovens, and listed their top pics.

A powder product was brought up on a page for cleaning enthusiasts after one group member asked how is best to get rid of stubborn grime.

Someone flocked to the comment section of the post to claim that Bar Keeper’s Friend gets the job fast, with several others instantly agreeing.

“It is so good,” wrote one person. “Oven came up a treat.”

“I used Bar Keeper’s Friend too and the grease came off the glass right away. Works like magic,” said another.

A third person quipped: “Used this yesterday for the first time on my oven door, and thought it was great – poured the powder on a door then used hot water and a sponge.”

The product, which costs a mere £1.99, has been sold and manufactured since the late 1880s for tackling rust, mineral deposits, and grease.

It is available for purchase from The Range for just £1.99 and avocado for £3, while Amazon offers delivery of the product for £12.20.

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