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Confusion In Anambra After A Billionaire Slumped And Died



The passing of Chief Osondu Nwoye, the esteemed billionaire of Umueze, Amanuke, in Awka North local government area of Anambra state, has plunged the region into confusion.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Many residents have been dumbfounded following his tragic demise while some expressed mixed reactions to the incident. While some cling to the hope that he remains among the living, others have begun to tally the losses incurred by his departure.

Described as a philanthropist of significant standing, not only within the tranquil Amanuke community but across the entirety of Awka North council area, Nwoye’s demise has deeply impacted his kinsmen.

The 53-year-old entrepreneur, who resided in Ivory Coast, was reported to have passed away during the Nigeria/South Africa match.

Chief Chikodi Anarah, a close friend and kinsman of the deceased who also serves as Anambra Commissioner for Home Affairs, expressed disbelief at the news of Nwoye’s death, remarking on its difficulty to comprehend. ..WATCH.THE FULL VIDEO HERE>>>

Chibuzor Okafor, a musician hailing from Amanuke, also known as ‘Onyeoma,’ conveyed the profound sorrow enveloping the entire community, stating, “A heavy rain has fallen in Amanuke.”.…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>> 

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