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Cost of Solar in Nigeria: Man Spends N390,000 Installs Solar Electricity at Home For 24/7 Light - UTWEETS

Cost of Solar in Nigeria: Man Spends N390,000 Installs Solar Electricity at Home For 24/7 Light

A man has started using solar electricity in his house after installing it after the increase in electricity tariff...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In a video posted on TikTok, it was revealed that solar electricity was installed in a house in Ekiti state and another one installed in Ibadan.

Man installs solar in his house.The man spent N390,000 to install the solar light. Photo credit: Getty Images/Roberto Westbrook, and Rawfile redux and TikTok/@maziobimtiger.

According to the video posted by @maziobimtiger, the owner of the solar system spent N390,000 to have it installed.

The video showed two solar panels installed on the roof of the building. The video also showed an inverter and a solar battery.

Many Nigerian electricity consumers are increasingly turning to solar as a source of electricity.

Watch the video below:
Reactions as man installs solar for home use

@TK said:

“As long as I can charge my phone and turn on lights fans, maybe my TV. I’m good.”

@jamesatteh8 said:

“Wetin this one go carry when 1 battery na over 400k.”

@ABEY CITY cemented:

“Something way no carry fridge.”

@akinjibodu reacted:

“Whats the battery amh?”

@commentator said:

“As long as it can carry bulbs, charge phones and DC fans, it’s ok for some people at this price.”

@yinkaademehin said:

“40 AH BATTERY… what can it carry… take your time to explain to people and don’t lead them astray.”

@OB Stores said:

“Please, how much will it cost me if I have my own solar panels already?”


“How can I get it I am in Ilorin?”

In a related story, a Nigerian lady said she and her family got tired of spending money on fuel for their generator, so they sought an alternative.

The lady said they installed a solar electricity system in their house, and then it cost millions to buy inverters and solar panels.

However, they are now reaping the benefits because she noted that they no longer depend on the grid electricity supply..More of the story...Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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